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Vietname visa is a kind of travel document issued to overseas citizens in order to enter and exit the country. With the global opening policy, Vietnam has been attracting not only tourists but also foreign workers and investors. We understand that individuals and sponsored organizations have to face some difficulties when they want to provide visa services for overseas citizens with all common entry visa types such as visa exemption, work visa, investment visa (DT), business visa (DN), relatives visiting visa (TT and VR), 5-year visa exemption, and etc.

Bistax Law Consulting Company Limited – A reputable company that processes visa services for expats in Ho Chi Minh City

Bistax Law Consulting Company Limited is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, and has more than 6 years of experience in providing visa services for foreign citizens. We have been assisting our position in the service industry. Our goal is to bring our customers the most practical benefits:

  • The process is simple, solving problems related to missing documents
  • Get visa in the shortest time as required
  • Customer information security
  • Support to translate, notarize, consular legalize documents
  • Committed to no additional costs
  • Door-to-door delivery 
  • Reasonable service costs for each type of visa

We support all of the following services:

  • Visa renewal
  • Visa extension
  • Change of visa purposes and statuses
  • Change sponsored companyies

When you need a visa for a foreigner, think of the visa service at Bistax Law Consulting Company Limited! Our company is committed to helping you get a visa quickly and save the most of the costs.

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