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Applying for a work permit in Vietnam is a necessary procedure to declare to competent authorities of employing foreign worker in Vietnam. Bistax Law Firm will present you the detail procedure to apply for a work permit in Vietnam in the simplest and easiest way.


Who needs to apply for work permit in Vietnam

Foreign workers working in Vietnam in following forms, must apply for work permit:

_ Performing work contract;

_ Changing internal positions;

_ Performing contracts or agreements about economy, commerce, finance, bank, insurance, science technology, culture, sports, education, vocational education, health;

_ Service provider base on contract;

_ Offering services;

_ Working for foreign non-government organizations, international organizations in Vietnam, licensed to operate according to Vietnamese Laws regulations;

_ Volunteering;

_ Person who is responsible for establishing commercial presence;

_ Managers, Chief Administer Officer (CEO), experts, technology workers;

_ Participating in performing contracts and projects in Vietnam;

Who does not need to apply for work permit in Vietnam (or be immune from work permit)

Not all foreign workers need to apply for work permit in Vietnam. According to the regulations, the following workers do not need to apply for work permit:

¨ People who belong to the regulations of International Treaties that Vietnam participates;

¨ A lawyer who has Practicing Certificate in Vietnam;

¨ Entering Vietnam for work with period under 3 months;

¨ Students who are studying in Vietnam;

¨ Members who contribute capital, members of Board of Director or company owner in Vietnam

¨ Foreigners who are head of representative offices or head of projects of international organizations, non-government organizations on Vietnam. And other cases according to the regulations of Vietnamese Laws


Foreign workers who do not need to apply for work permit must apply for certificate of exemption from work permit in Vietnam.

Conditions to apply for work permit in Vietnam for foreigners need to meet the following requirements

  • Having full civil act capacity;
  • Having professional qualifications, skills and health suitable to the job requirements;
  • Not being a criminal or being examined for penal liability in accordance with Vietnamese and foreign laws.

Steps to do the procedure and required documents to apply for work permit in Vietnam

How to get work permit in vietnam

How to get work permit in vietnam

Step 1: Apply for written approval of the need to employ foreigner worker

Step 2: After getting the written approval, you continue to prepare the documents to apply for work permit, including:

  • Application for work permit with full information
  • Original passport still valid more than 2 years compared with the validity of work permit
  • 02 new 4×6 pictures, white background, no glasses
  • Health certificate done at qualified hospitals
  • University degree, career/job certificates, etc. All must be notarized translation and consular legalization. The degree must be relevant to the foreigner’s position in the company.
  • Vietnam or foreign Judicial Records (or Criminal Records) must be notarized translation
  • Work experience certificate must be consular legalized
  • Written approval for enterprises to use foreign workers issued by People’s Community of Province or City

Step 3: Submit the application applying for work permit to Department or Ministry of Labor, War invalids and Social affairs in Province or City

So just follow the 3-step procedure as mentioned and you have completed the procedure applying for work permit in Vietnam. After submitting all the required documents, it will take about 7 to 10 working days to get the approval.

Advantages of getting work permit in Vietnam

After getting the work permit in Vietnam, businesses can keep their mind at rest when employing foreign workers for up to 2 years. And foreign worker can get some following advantages:

  • With the term of employing foreign workers from 3 months or more, employers with work permits won’t be penalized according to the regulations of Vietnamese Laws
  • Foreign citizen having work permit can stay in Vietnam in 2 years while working, be protected by Vietnamese Laws for rights and legal benefits of workers such as insurance, occupational safety, etc.
  • Foreign work can extend work permit when it is expired to continue to work 2 years more with simple procedure
  • Foreign citizen having work permit can do temporary residence card and have benefits brought by temporary residence card such as: stay in Vietnam from 2 to 5 years, get married, buy a house, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about applying for work permit in Vietnam, please feel free to contact Bistax Law Firm at this phone number: 07777 23283.

We have experience for more than 5 years in this field, we will offer you professional advice on the fastest way to do the procedure and get the result 100%. 

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