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Guide on How to Apply for Vietnam Entry Visa (Business)

There are various ways for outside travelers who enter Vietnam to submit an entry visa. Different types of visas require different documents, and also expiry dates are not the same for all either.

These days, Business Visa has become the most popular type of entry visa in Vietnam as it allows travelers to stay longer than the others. However, to apply for it, foreign travelers have to besponsored by the official organizations.

Vietnam Entry Permit Requirements

Be responsible before the law

Guide on How to Apply for Vietnam Entry Visa (Business)
Guide on How to Apply for Vietnam Entry Visa (Business)

If the foreign experts have a sponsor company in Vietnam, that company has to be responsible before the law for everything that happens during the stay of those experts. In other words, it means the company in Vietnam will be responsible for all the paperwork and obtaining the permit for the foreigners’ entry into Vietnam legally. 

In case outside Vietnam travelers enter the Vietnamese border illegally, sponsor companies have to pay a fine in common punishments for illegally entering Vietnam. In some cases, Civil penalties levied against aliens may also involve a fine also.

For outside Vietnam travelers

Those overstaying a visa in Vietnam may be blacklisted by the Vietnam Immigration Department and subject to forced deportation. Worse, you will never be able to come back to Vietnam again in the future.

How to get Vietnam Entry Permit

All Enterprises registered and established in the Vietnamese Territory or Enterprises with a commercial presence in Vietnam such as (contractors, and foreign representative offices) are entitled to guarantee visas for foreigners.

Entry visa symbols

There are some different symbols for a Vietnam entry visa. However, here are some of the most popular symbols:

  • LĐ: Issued to foreigners with work permits
  • DN: Issued to foreigners entering Vietnam under the guarantee of enterprises in Vietnam.
  • ĐT: Issued to foreigners entering Vietnam in the form of foreign investors or lawyers practicing in Vietnam.
  • TT: Issued to foreigners entering Vietnam in the form of visiting (husband, wife, father, mother, children…).

Duration of stay of Entry Visa

The duration of stay of Entry Visa last 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months depending on Vietnam’s entry regulations. Regularly, the duration of stay of visa with countries that have signed trade agreements with Vietnam lasts longer than countries with limited visa terms or no permits(unstable economies, riots, wars, terrorism, etc).

Where to get visa on arrival

It depends on where the Visa applicant wants to receive it. Visa can be picked up at an International airport in Vietnam right after arriving at the airport; International border gates by road; Consulate in that country.

Fees and procedures, visa application deadlines

For the entry visa under the Labor category (LĐ symbol)

There must be a guarantee from the Enterprise in which a foreigner is working and has a work permit.

Visa validity period: 01 month, 03 months, 06 months, 12 months

Time to receive Visa: 05-07 working days (Urgent case in 01 working day)

Service fee: 01-03 months: $75; 06 months $105 (Emergency cases get the same day plus $20).

For Business and Investment visas (DN, ĐT)

Must have sponsored enterprise in Vietnam.

  • Visa validity period: 01 month, 03 months, 12 months
  • Time to receive Visa: 05 -07 working days (01 working day if the urgent case )
  • Service fee: 01-03 months: $75 (Emergency cases taken during the day plus $20).

Procedures for applying for a visa on arrival

If there is a sponsored company

  • Copy of business license
  • Copy (photo) of the passport of the person who needs to enter the country
  • Information on where to receive Visa, entry date
  • Letter of introduction/authorization
  • Form NA2 (regulatory form)

If there is no guarantee company:

For foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam to learn about the market, work, invest, attend conferences, seminars, study, and visit relatives without having permanent residence card or temporary residence card. If the visa or visa exemption certificate is still valid, it is necessary to apply for approval of the provincial People’s Committee or of The Ministries, Branches, and Central Authorities before carrying out the procedures for inviting and guaranteeing the issuance of an entry visa at the Department of Immigration. 

Thus, the procedures are different depending on the purpose of entry. In this case, to understand more about the procedure to apply for an entry visa, customers are advised to contact the hotline: 07777 23283 for a free consultation.

How to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival for foreigners

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